Lyrical performance designed for the street and public spaces.

« O mon bel inconnu, vous n’avez qu’à paraître » (beautiful stranger, you only have to appear) sing two young women emerging from the crowd. Nourished by romanticism, they languish while thinking of the handsome stranger who haunts their dreams of love. Then comes the encounter with reality and the love disappointments emerge.

Too naive, these singers? Object woman, disillusioned woman, disoriented lover, the ideal of the handsome stranger is moving further and further away. You might as well take advantage of it and take advantage of the public presence to make other types of meetings!

Awarded at the Grandville “Sorties de Bains 2018” festival.

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Tiphaine Chevallier (soprano)
Maruska Le Moing (soprano)
Yuko Osawa (piano)
Artistic collaboration: Loïc Fieffé

Available in French