Paul Delmet Complete Songs – The French loving soul – Paris 1900

I am pleased to announce the release of a project in which I have been participating since the spring 2021: a recording with the tenor Enguerrand Dubroca of the complete songs of Paul Delmet (1862-1904), a Montmartre composer considered by the greatest artists of his time, Claude Debussy, Paul Verlaine, Armand Silvestre… as a legend of French song, who had capturered the soul of his time.

Before the complete version is released on disc in the spring of 2022, every day, for 35 weeks, we publish a new song on social media and online music platforms, taken from the complete recordings. Out of these 239 songs, only 45 had been recorded on disc in the past. It is therefore the real world premiere for these complete songs !

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Don’t forget to read the descriptions and look at the pictures if you want to discover Paul Delmet and the Montmartre culture of the Belle Époque. And don’t hesitate to like (every day if you want), to talk about it (every day if you want), that would encourage us to continue this immense adventure!

Since the 5th November, the recordings (7 chansons par semaine) are available on streaming and download platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, iTunes…). The recordings are edited and broadcast by the Salis & Cats label.

More informations on the ‘projects‘ page.

Image credit :
© 2021 Enguerrand Dubroca – CCØ Montmartre, Femme aux Moulins de Jules Séeberger – Paris Collections / Musée Carnavalet

Available in French