Paul Delmet Complete Songs – The French loving soul – Paris 1900

Paul Delmet (1862-1904) was recognized as the greatest “chansonnier” of his time. Claude Debussy sees in him the “only truly French musician” who has captured the soul of his time.
With the tenor Enguerrand Dubroca, we propose to travel in time through 239 songs by Paul Delmet, of which only 45 had been engraved on the disc in the past.
Before the complete version is released on disc in the spring of 2022, we publish every day, for 35 weeks, on social networks and online music platforms a new song, taken from the complete recordings.
Each song will be accompanied by a chronicle which will allow the public to se more clearely the universe in which Paul Delmet bathed. Pictures from the popular art of the Belle Époque are also associated with each song.

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© 2021 Enguerrand Dubroca – CCØ Montmartre, Femme aux Moulins de Jules Séeberger – Paris Collections / Musée Carnavalet


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